If you’ve had a new roof installed within the last 3o years, odds are your contractor installed one of these types of pipe seals below.

Damage from heat and UV rays
Seal failure can occur very quickly
Animals can chew through these seals

Seal Failure

Seal Failure can cause unwanted leaks. In many cases your drywall will show no signs of a leak until its too late!

Mold can grow for years without being detected from seal failure. many people are super sensitive to mold and can have health issues like respiratory from hidden Mold in Ceilings and walls.

Critters such as Squirrels, Mice and Raccoons can chew through Pipe Seals and enter your home

Why Install a Roof Seal that won’t hold up to the life of your shingles!

Our Seals are designed with PVC and are Critter and UV Proof. Our design has a cover to keep Critters out while protecting a lower unit which in turn creates a double protective design to give piece of mind and worry free for the life of your roof. 

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